We are keen for details on UK-China education

Today the Prime Minister indicated that she would set out an "ambitious new approach to UK-China education". 

A spokesperson for Destination for Education, Sue Edwards, commented: 

“It is great to see the Prime Minister recognises the huge value that international students from China bring to the UK. We are keen to see more details on what the new package of commercial deliverables include and hope that this change in rhetoric marks a fundamental change to the way that the UK treats prospective international students. As the Prime Minister knows, Chinese students coming to the UK to study make up one of the UK’s largest exports. Previous rhetoric from the current government, however, along with an unfair and inconsistently applied student visa regime, has deterred some prospective international students from choosing to study in the UK. The government has made a step in the right direction today by recognising the value of international students. We hope that the government will work with the sector closely so that we can protect and promote this hugely valuable export.”

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